How to Keep Your Bike Safe from Theft

How to Keep Your Bike Safe from Theft

A reliable lock system is a must-have for any bike owner. Whether commuting to work, road cycling, on the mountain trails, or casual touring, riders are at risk of bike theft. Theft happens when we least expect it, and the risk is higher for those without locking systems. No bike lock is 100% secure, but locks are a highly effective deterrent for bike thieves.


Bike locks should be used any time a rider is separated from his bike or when the bike is not in use. Examples include during pit stops at coffee shops, while stored at work, when shopping inside stores, or at the park or playground.


Which Type of Lock is More Convenient

Most bike locks fall under one of three categories: cable, chain and U-lock. Each type has benefits and downsides, but the cable lock is a crowd favorite for good reason: it is strong, lightweight, and easy to use. Combination locks are a type of cable lock that allow riders to lock and unlock their bikes using a custom numeric code.


Combination locks offer a unique level of protection for several reasons: the custom lock code can be changed on a regular basis or when a security breach is suspected to maintain higher levels of security. Other lock methods use keys. But keys can be lost or stolen, leaving the bike owner without a way to access his bike. Combination codes can be securely stored in password apps or shared between trusted family and friends.  


Combination locks can also be used on a variety of valuable items like toolboxes, ladders, coolers, grills, lawnmowers, motorcycles, and sports equipment among others.


How to Choose a Combination Bike Lock

With so many locking options on the market, it can be hard to choose one. But the 4-digit combination lock stands out because it is easy to use and adaptable to many structures.


Today we are highlighting the Titanker Combination Bike Lock which is made from 4 feet of braided steel coated in cut-resistant PVC. Its expandable structure allows riders to secure their bikes to trees, posts, railings, and fences.


The 4-digit locking system offers 10,000 possible lock combinations and the option to change the code as needed. Unlike keyed locks, in which keys can be lost or stolen, the combination can be safely shared between riders and changed when deemed necessary.


The self-coiling design of the bike combo lock provides a compact option that easily packs in bags. It also comes with a convenient mounting bracket which allows the lock to be stored on the bike just below the seat for easy access.


The Titanker combination locking system is a simple solution to greatly reduce your chances of bike theft. Don’t let your next ride end in frustration. Buy the Titanker Combination Bike Lock today to keep your valuables safe.


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