The Origin of Titanker

The light landed on us in 2015. We loved the great outdoors. We still do. We still take our bikes, ride out of the city, and spend the night staring into the stars or exploring the endless trails.

Our whole lives, we’d been told that there was a war between Nature and The City. One was pure, goodness, and truth. The other was sin, evil, and falsity.

But as we rode back into The City from our endless trails, we saw the light. We saw what the world refuses to recognize: that The City contains a hidden, yet undeniable, natural beauty. Every street was lined with adventure, every corner was a discovery, and every breath contained the essence of urban exploration.


This name, combining the immense power of a ‘titan’ with the grounding assurance of ‘anker’ (anchor in Dutch),

Titanker brings the warmth, strength, and vibrance of the outdoors into the city life.

As the name Titanker echoes through the city’s avenues, it casts a light,

ensuring every urban exploration is a journey back to the heart of nature.

HTH, CEO & Founder Titanker

Our Purpose

Titanker exists to empower urban explorers to venture confidently into their city’s heart. By offering reliable, elegant, and secure bike lock solutions, we foster a sense of belonging and connection to the urban environment. Our purpose is to transform the bustling city into a tranquil oasis, one cyclist at a time.

Our Mission

Titanker’s mission is to craft innovative, dependable bike lock solutions that invite cyclists to delve into the warmth and allure of city streets. We aspire to turn them into spaces that echo with exploration, connection, and a feeling of belonging. We are committed to envisioning a world where safety and trust are the norm.

Our Vision

To become the go-to brand for urban cyclists worldwide, known for our unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and innovation, while nurturing a global community of urban adventurers united by their passion for discovering the hidden beauty of city streets and working towards a harmonious, theft-free future.

The Urban Adventurer

With Titanker, they find the key that unlocks the city’s true spirit, bridging the gap between the warmth of the outdoors and the heartbeat of the city.

The Commuter

With Titanker, they don’t just lock their bike; they unlock freedom, assurance, and an uninterrupted urban dance.

The Family Cyclist

With Titanker, they don’t just secure their bikes, they secure smiles, memories, and a shared journey of urban exploration.

The Current Products

Our products are not just devices of security, they’re portals, revealing the hidden pockets of nature and tranquility nestled within the urban fabric.

They’re not just for securing your bike, they’re for ensuring peace of mind, facilitating discovery, and promoting the pursuit of outdoor ideals right here in our cities.

Welcome to a world that marries truth, goodness, and beauty with the rhythm of the urban explorer.